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What You Need to Know About Long-term Airport Parking Chicago O’Hare

| Brandon

Getting to the airport on time is a major concern for most travelers. Most will calculate how long the drive will take them and allow plenty of time to get through security. However, it’s also important to factor in finding a parking space and getting from a distant lot to the actual terminal. While ORD airport parking is technically on airport grounds, you could still be in for a stressful trek. Here’s what you need to know about long-term parking at Chicago O’Hare.

Chicago O’Hare Parking Rates Vary

With Chicago O’Hare airport parking rates as high as $17 per day (or $40 per day if you end up in O’Hare’s most expensive lot), long-term parking can quickly become costly. The cheapest lot at O’Hare is the G lot at just $10 per day. The G lot is also the furthest away and not served by the Automatic Transit System. You’ll need to take a bus from the G lot to the Automatic Transit System (when it’s operational) or to the terminal (when the transit system is not operational).

Abandoned Car Policy

After 30 days, your car might be towed. If your trip is longer than 30 days long, let the Parking Garage Office know so that they won’t tow your car off the lot as an “abandoned” car.

Parking at the Main Parking Garage will Cost You $40 per Day

If you’re running late, you may have no choice other than to park in the main parking garage which is adjacent to the terminals. While it’s better than missing your flight, keep in mind that it will cost you $40 per day. That’s $400 for a 10-day trip.

Off-Site Parking is Cheap and Convenient — And it’s Probably Faster than Parking at O’Hare

Park N Jet is a stress-free alternative to ORD onsite airport parking. You’ll save a ton of money, and we’ll get you to your terminal quickly! Not only will save time, hassle, and money, you can even make an airport parking reservation for even greater peace of mind.