What's Park Ride Fly Ohare And Why It's a Good Option

What’s Park Ride Fly Ohare And Why It’s a Good Option

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So the park ride fly ohare phrase simply mean you park your car at a garage, ride the shuttle to the terminal of your flight at o’hare airport and fly to your destination at ease. That’s all there is too it really.

Anyone who ever flew from Chicago O’hare Airport knows the parking hassle that comes with it. You have to fight your way through endless garages and lots to maybe find an open parking spot.

Now you need to drag your luggage all the way to the terminal, not fun at all right? Well, at Park n Jet we offer a great Park Ride Fly O’Hare service that will get you from your car to the terminal in no time with no hassle at all.

If it’s your first time flying from O’Hare, please know that it’s one of the busiest airports in the world, so you have to plan before hand about where will you park your car, and how will you get to your terminal on time, and more importantly, with no headache.

If you pre-book your parking spot on our Park Ride Fly O’Hare service, you can expect:

» Discounted price for pre-booking your parking spot

» Well lit, secured and fenced long term lot for maximum security

» FREE shuttles that run every 5 minutes from the offsite parking lot to your terminal

» Convenient pick up and drop off. We drop you off next to your car

We offer much more than just Park Ride Fly from O’Hare

Take advantage of our car wash and detailing service and let us wash your car while it parks. We never charge extra for self parking and even Valet Parking. The best part is we also don’t charge a reservation fee, so you can park with ease.

Why the Park Ride & Fly option is great for you

Let’s face it, the most annoying thing about flying is not the flight itself, it’s mostly the things you have to do before and after that makes you want to get it over with.

Things like finding a parking spot and carrying your own luggage from the car to the terminal can ruin your flight experience before it even started.

Even once you land and wait for your bags and need to walk to your car again, by foot, after a long flight and in the cold, it’s not fun. People want better experience for sure. That’s why offsite parking lots around major airports like O’Hare and others were established to give the passengers a better experience.

An offsite parking lot is usually a privately held lot or garage that offers either self park, or Valet parking services to passengers who like to drive in, leave their car and be driven to the terminal without walking or wasting time and energy on other things.

Most of the lots offer a FREE shuttle bug that will take you from your parked car to your terminal, at Park n Jet we will even warm your seat for you before you get back so it feels nice and warm.