ORD cell phone lot | Chicago O'Hare International Airport

ORD cell phone lot | Chicago O’Hare International Airport

| Brandon

If you need to pick up a family member or friend from ORD air port in Chicago, the ord cell phone lot is probably your best option. When passengers arrive to O’Hare air port they can quickly be picked up at the lower level.

It’s really easy to follow the signs that will lead you to the outer curb at the lower level. Just follow the signs for ” Arrivals ” when you enter the O’Hare airport.

Please note that it’s not allowed to wait on the curbside at O’Hare airport and any car left unattended will get a ticket and be towed on the owner’s expense

Using the ORD cell phone lot is the best option to chose while waiting for your loved ones to be picked up at this airport.

What is the ORD cell phone lot

the cell phone lot at O’Hare is a convenient way that allows cars and motorcycles to temporarily park FREE of charge while they wait for their family members to get their baggage and come out of the terminal.

While you wait at this lot, you don’t have to circle the airport without knowing exactly when you need to come to the curb. Using the cell phone lot have other benefits such as:

Location and directions to the cell phone lot at ORD

The lot is located on the west parking area of the terminal Recirculation road. You might also know it by the alt name Cab Hill.

When you enter the airport, just follow the signs to the arrival lanes. Towards Terminals 1,2 and 3. Make sure to drive on the left side until you drive past Terminal 3.

When you reach the fork, stay to the left and the entrance to the cell phone lot will be to your left.

O’Hare international air port drop off points

If you’re flying out of ORD airport and looking for a place to park your car, you can check out the complete guide we wrote about the parking options at O’Hare Airport. But if you just need to pick someone up, keep reading this post.

As one of the most packed airports in the world, people who land there and waiting to be picked up need a convenient way for their family members to wait without causing traffic jams and leaving their cars unattended.

Dropping off passengers

You can drive to the curbside at any Terminal to drop off your family member who is going to fly out. Just follow the signs for Departures and your desired Terminal.

All Terminals are wheelchair accessible but make sure to contact your airline in advance if you need further assistance.

The Kiss n Fly option

If you want to drop off a family member during peak hours and want to avoid the masses, you can use the airport shuttle buses drop off points. These are direct access points to the shuttle, totally FREE.

Directions to the Kiss n Fly drop off points

The drop off point is at Mannheim Road and Zemke Boulevard, on the northeast corner of the multi modal facility. If you reach O’Hare from the north, this point is really convenient to drop off at.

We encourage you to use the ORD Cell Phone lot as much as possible when picking up your loved ones.