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How Much Does It Cost to Park at O’Hare Airport

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Knowledge is power. It can take the uncertainty out of the equation during stressful situations. There aren’t many situations more stressful than traveling.

Every day, tens of thousands of Americans are rushing through airports and sitting on planes. They all have places to go and things to do. People worry about getting stuck in traffic, making it to the gate on time, and whether their luggage will be within size and weight limits.

There are entire industries dedicated to taking the stress out of travel. People flying in and out of Chicago O’Hare Airport pay thousands of dollars each year to get first in line, race through security, and have their bags taken care of. Anything that can be done to make travel easier is highly sought after.

Getting good parking can make the difference between a harried rush to the airport and a calm arrival with time to spare. The right lot and parking service are worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, parking all too often adds to the stress of travel because there are several options and travelers don’t know how much things cost.

Here we break down how much it costs to park at O’Hare airport and what the differences in price mean for you.

Short-Term Parking Close to ORD Airport

Parking on-site at O’Hare International Airport is super convenient, but it will cost you. The closest lots to the domestic and international airport are the hourly lots, and here are their price breakdowns:

Domestic Hourly Parking

International Parking

Close to the terminal, travelers also have the option to valet their cars. It’s a great option for people not concerned about saving cash or those who are in a hurry to get to their plane.

You can also save money using the valet service if you’re planning on leaving your car in hourly parking for more than a few hours or overnight. O’Hare valet parking costs are below:

Valet Parking

Economy Parking Options

Economy parking lots at O’Hare International Airport offer driving travelers more affordable options just a small distance from the terminals. They’re great for people leaving on a business trip or going to see family on vacation.

Many travelers love getting into their own vehicles after being away for a time. Additionally, if you live a good distance from the airport, parking in economy lots will save you money compared to taking a taxi or a ridesharing service to the departures area.

Economy parking lots all have the same $2 hourly rate, but there are different caps based on the lots’ distance from the terminals. Economy parking lot E and F are capped at $17 per day, while lot G, which is slightly further, is capped at $10 per day.

Third-Party Parking Lot Operators

As airport traffic has increased, local businesses have responded to higher demands for travel services. Around O’Hare International, you’ll find several private parking lot operators who offer competitive prices and services.

Most are a short 5-10-minute shuttle ride from the airport, with buses or vans taking people back and forth every 5-7 minutes. Smaller operators will transfer passengers on-demand, so you’ll have to call a number to let a driver know you’ve arrived for pickup or have parked your car and need to be dropped at the airport.

Many of the third-party parking lot companies can beat the O’Hare lots when it comes to price. They even provide valuable services like luggage assistance, can help direct you where to go once you get to the terminal, and have secure facilities to keep your car safe.

Some of them even offer car washes while you’re away for an additional charge. It’s a great feeling coming home to a freshly cleaned vehicle after a long trip.

Private Parking Lots Embracing Technology

The internet and developments in technology have finally made their way into parking lots. Private parking lots use mobile apps like SpotHero to advertise available parking spaces.

It’s a great benefit for travelers because you can book a spot early and know exactly where you need to go to park and how much you’ll be paying. Be aware, though, that prices on SpotHero and similar apps changed based on demand.

You’ll pay more than you will during slow times but getting a parking spot for a bit more is better than showing up and finding out there aren’t any spaces left. If you’re planning on parking in a third-party offsite lot, it’s always a good idea to book early.

FYIs for Parking at O’Hare

Besides knowing how much does it cost to park at O’Hare, there are some good tips to know if you’re planning on driving to the airport. If you run into any car trouble like a dead battery or a flat tire, you can call the ORD Parking Office at 773-686-7530.

Know that cars parked on any airport lots will be towed if they’re there longer than 30 days. If you’re planning on parking longer, call the parking office and let them know. They’ll help you make special arrangements, so your care isn’t towed.

If you’re parking in any long-term or economy lot, plan for an additional 30 mins of travel time to check-in. That will take any worry about missing your flight away while you wait for a ticket for the lot and take the shuttle to the terminal.

If you’re looking for electric vehicle charging stations, they’re located in the main parking garage in lot A.

Now that you know the price and distance options at O’Hare, you can take the stress of deciding where to park out of the equation on your travel day.